Ingalcinc surface treatmentsINGALCINC S.A. was founded in 1982 by Jose Luis Horcajada Villar, after his career in different surface finishing industries; he decided to make his way.
At the beginning, the activity of the company focused on a small line of surface treatments and finishes.

With hard work and effort, the company grew and its machinery and facilities increased, just like its processes, all of that facilitated by the loyalty of our customers.


Nowadays INGALCINC S.A. dedicates its activity to surface treatments in processes of: 

  • Electrolytic Zinc
  • Zinc Nickel Alloys
  • Blue, iridescent and black passivates
  • Baking and special sealants for the automotive auxiliary sector and general industry.


Ingalcinc wants to stand out for the satisfaction of its customers by Products, Solutions, Advice and Effective services.

The INGALCINC S.A. vision is to become one of the best in the industry at the national level and to be known by our processes, services and quality.

Our values are:

    By teamwork and development of our staff, we achieve an operational excellence in key aspects of our activities.
    By understanding the customer needs and expectations, to improve the service and the products continuously.
    The quality policy defined by INGALCINC, S.A. is focused on the achievement of the main objective which is to satisfy the expectations and needs of our customers.